Azure Architecture Assessment - 2-day workshop

Cloud Valley (Dario IT Solutions LTD.)

Azure on-Prem assessment providing in-depth analysis based on technical expertise; the organization’s IT infrastructure, detect limitations, for tailor-based recommendations


**Day 1. Infrastructure / Platform Our team meets with your team to better learn your company, its existing solutions and architecture, new challenges, services, applications, requirements, and other information. We ask most of the questions so we can come up with the best approach for your new architectural design.   In this Phase we cover the following aspects of the current environment:

  • Detect ways to optimize the current IaaS footprint
  • Verify existing logs and monitoring solutions
  • Select the best fitting application/container platform
  • Outline options based on your company’s infrastructure and business needs

**Day 2. Services / Applications

  • Requirements gathering for services and databases which are required for current workloads
  • Effort estimation needed for integration with external services
  • Effort estimation needed to build a broker and automate service deployment
  • Analyze the application portfolio and triage applications according to their business value
  • Assess portability of the applications that need to be migrated in the first place
  • Estimate the time and effort required to re-platform the applications


  • Current IT Assessment Report
  • Based on the document “Assessment Checklist”
  • Existing Assets, Services, and Policies
  • Requirements for Cloud Migration
  • To-do list with estimated time and effort
  • Cloud Migration Plan & Architecture
  • Proposed Migration Plan & Architectural design
  • New architecture diagram
  • Cost Estimations
  • Estimation of monthly Cloud Costs
  • An evaluation of the Migration efforts
  • Support (Cloud, DBA, Security, Networking, Linux/Windows)
  • Monitoring & Assisted Operation