AzureAssure: 9-Week Assessment

Coforge Limited

Coforge’s AzureAssure framework is a proprietary pathway for P&C Insurer’s journey to cloud migration ensuring Maximized ROI, Minimized Risk and Smoother Change Management.

AzureAssure is Coforge's proprietary framework for Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurer’s Journey to Azure cloud migration ensuring Maximized ROI, Minimized Risk and Smoother Change Management. Within the 9-13 weeks of joint-collaborative effort, through our combined (P&C Insurance, Azure and Consulting) expertise and experience, we ensure that you start your cloud migration journey with clear end goals prioritized and aligned to your organization’s strategic objectives.

Here is an overview of some major takeaways:

1. Maximizing ROI: Coforge ensures maximum ROI guarantee during your Azure cloud journey by focusing attention of areas having the maximum potential (both domain and technology lenses). As the Azure Expert, we ensure leveraging the right frameworks and tools (Microsoft aligned) to ensure an optimum and speeded cloud journey.

2. Minimizing Risk: Often due to internal opaqueness, an organization miscalculates the risk while undertaking cloud migration leading to bloated costs and timelines. Coforge’s AzureAssure ensures optimal risk coverage through: a) Business complexity and migration cluster rating followed by tool-based discovery. b) Taking into consideration cyclical changes and legal entity cost structure to ensure optimal cloud requirements.

3. Smoother Change Management: During any major enterprise level journey, managing the change becomes a major challenge for the organization. Through the AzureAssure, Coforge ensures a smooth transition through identifying the right stakeholders and aligning them with the right strategic goals, milestones and timelines.