Cloud Analytics : 2 day Envisioning Workshop

Columbus Global UK

Strategic Envisioning session to define digital transformations driven by Azure Data Analytics

Delivered by Senior Architects, the 1 day on-site session for business leaders focusses on both the Customers pain points and their strategic vision to develop a solution based roadmap, using the latest Azure analytics technology.


** Day 1 **

  • Analysis of key pain points and growth enablers aligned to business strategy with emphasis on issues to be addressed via Azure analytics technologies such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake and Azure Machine Learning.

** Day 2 **

  • Strategy presentation outlining set of potential future steps to satisfy the Customers' needs and where appropriate the recommendation of a pilot project aimed at de-risking the transformation with a future broader roll out in mind.


  • Strategic Analytics Technology Roadmap
  • Pilot project outline
  • Outline Business case