Core BTS Migrator for Azure Adoption: 7-Wk Imp

Core BTS

Core BTS can help you save time and money during your next cloud migration

Consider partnering with Core BTS to more efficiently and strategically adopt and migrate to Azure. By leveraging our Core BTS Migrator service, Core BTS can help you migrate to Azure through our consultative process of information gathering from your directory, mail system, workstations, servers and other identified systems.

Our team of certified consultants will gather data during an Azure-related professional services engagement helping you speed up your migration to Azure.

Through our Core BTS Migrator service, Core BTS collects the information to understand the relationships between the different parts of your environment so you can eliminate guesswork and develop a comprehensive cloud roadmap. That information is then used by Core BTS consultants to create custom reports and dashboards that help you identify and remediate well-known issues; discover anomalies and dependencies; and prepare your environment for cloud migration to Azure.

Deliverables include, but are not limited to server data, dependency clusters, and migration schedule. Leveraging the Core BTS Migrator service, Core will help reduce roadblocks as well as shorten and automate cloud migrations. Ultimately, this saves you money, allowing you to see the ROI of Azure faster. Let Core BTS help you save time and money during your next cloud migration.

Note: Cost varies based on consulting scope of work, files, data size, etc that need to be migrated. This is a consulting service.