Azure Data Integration & Migration Sol.: 7Wk Imp.

Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited

Cyber Infrastructure, CIS, is a Top Application Development company offering Azure based software development and migration services with 1000+ team size in USA, India, UK and Africa offices.

This is a 7 Weeks Implementation of Azure Data Integration and Migration, for custom quotes please contact us.

A configurable Data Integration Hub, able to receive, process and match personal data from any source, any database type, and business partner. This is supported by a configurable and user-friendly Portal UI to share information across different internal and external teams in controlled and compliant ways. Our solutions are helping local authorities and their partner agencies across the globe, automatically profiling and identifying those individuals/families in need of help. The same technology can be used to help any organizations to integrate, Migrate and analyze their customer data.


Portability assessment

  • Evaluate portability of the applications. Estimate efforts required to port them to Azure Container Service
  • Plan the migration strategy and steps
  • Identify whether the apps require custom build-packs and additional services
  • Evaluate the amount of required refactoring Migration:
  • Encapsulating applications in containers
  • Enabling applications on Azure Container Service
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines #Deliverables:
  • A portability report for each application from the batch
  • A short-list of applications that can be migrated within the 7-week arrangement and/or require the least replat-forming effort
  • An action plan for migrating the selected application(s) to Azure Container Service
  • A containerized application portfolio enabled on Azure Container Service
  • Full-test coverage and automated, reproducible delivery of application changes to production