SMB Microsoft Adoption: 1-day Assessment

Cyber Advisors Inc.

Many customers do not understand their Microsoft licensing and therefore are not adopting applications fully. Our goal is to assist customers with removing barriers to increase adoption.

Microsoft customers are transforming to Azure cloud but are lacking further adoption because they have a deficient understanding of what licenses they own and what they are entitled to. Additionally, Microsoft Azure customers lack knowledge of what efficiencies can be gained by utilizing all of the applications and tools they are entitled for. Our goal is to provide the customer with a rich ROI in return of the cost of this assessment as well as to gain many more advantages of going all-in with Microsoft Azure.

Offer will include:

This assessment provides the customer with a deliverable of what they have, what they lack in adoption, and what is possible when you utilize a more complete Microsoft application toolset.

Areas of Assessment:

  • Current Azure/M365 Licenses Owned and Entitlement
  • Low Hanging Fruit with Current Azure Entitlement
  • Explore the Possible: Adoption of New Azure Applications, IaaS, and Platforms
  • Cost Savings Exploration - What Tools does Microsoft Azure offer that can replace existing tools?
  • Azure Roadmap
  • Exploration of Business Direction in Relation to Microsoft Azure and M365 Platforms
  • Azure Reserved Instances Possibilities
  • Azure VM Resizing Exploration

Deliverable: Complete Report on Findings