Better Modern Data for Azure: 2 Week Assessment

Damani Data LLC

Leverage Damani Data's team of cloud experts to evaluate, adopt and execute a comprehensive Azure cloud migration strategy that will fast track your digital cloud transformation journey.

We can support you to rapidly migrate to Azure and develop products to demonstrate the value of digital transformation in the cloud.

Our take five approach to piloting cloud technologies and creating value:

a) Evaluate & Discover - Identify tangible problem that is substantial and scoped enough to be delivered at pace b) Strategy & Adoption - Use Azure blueprints or IaC and setup to create a working infrastructure model that acts a foundation c) Better Modern Migration - Move existing workloads to Azure by using our automated, low risk pathway approach that covers complete infrastructure d) Elevate - Track and achieve milestones, validate strategic achievements and identify future goals e) Manage & Operate - Implement management and operational best practices and enable Azure Gold Partner Managed Services.

Benefits of our prototyping approach:

  • Low upfront investment cost
  • Accelerated value generation through pre-built dashboards
  • Rapid delivery within weeks to a minimum viable product
  • Low risk approach to exploring cloud technologies

Pricing and timeframe will be on custom terms

Damani Data - Better Modern Data