DevOps Pipeline Assessment: 3 Day Assessment


Our DevOps Pipeline Assessment provides an in-depth analysis of your automation technology to create best-practice Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines on Azure.

To initiate the Pipeline Assessment, we hold a half-day on-site Inception session where the scope of the engagement is discussed, ways of maximising Azure productivity,required attendees per workshop are agreed on and other practicalities are confirmed. Two weeks after the Inception, we run workshops with a focus on the seven stages of the software delivery process, conducted over three consecutive days.

Day 1 Plan and Code Review. On the first day of the Pipeline Assessment, we review your organisation’s capabilities around the Plan and Code stages of the software delivery process. We will run a planning assessment which covers the sources of your work, the methodology used to prioritise this work and your current product management framework. We will then run a code management review to investigate source control practices and coding practices/standards.

Day 2 Integrate and Test Review. On day two we review your organisation’s capabilities around the Integrate and Test stages. We will then review your Integration practices which covers metrics (frequency, scale, and size). In this session we review your Build and Integration process and evaluate the Integration tools that are in place. We then explore your testing coverage including methodologies and test environments.

Day 3 Release, Deploy and Operate Review. On the third day, we review your organisation’s capabilities around the Release, Deploy and Operate stages. We review your Release and Deploy practices looking at release workflow and evaluate your Deployment tasks. We then assess your live Operations - production environments, business continuity/disaster recovery (including backup), incident and problem management, Service Level Agreements, and uptime commitments.

Report Presentation Three weeks after the Workshops have taken place, we will return to your offices for a half-day session where we present our findings and discuss our recommendations and next steps.This is a professional service for Azure.