Insights Accelerator

Devoteam France

Bridging the gap between your data and the ability to transform it into actionable insights.

The digital transformation of your business requires a robust data architecture and strong data governance. Organizations need capable infrastructure and expertise to fully harness the power of data and enable insight-driven decision-making processes.

Insights Accelerator is an implementation of an end-to-end DataOps solution that brings the data maturity level of your organization to the next level. It encompasses Azure DevOps best practices and a set of validated data processes.

The outcome is focused on industrializing the data & analytics competencies by:

  • deployment of reproducible processes.
  • embedding security practices into the data landscape.
  • enabling Insights Mining First capabilities

Our approach:

  • Our consultants help assess and plan the enablement of the next data maturity level:
  • Determine the current state of your organization's data architecture and DevOps tooling.
  • Prioritize use cases for implementation.
  • Determine success factors, and plan for Azure adoption

The benefits:

  • Reduce the time window to have “insights ready” data.
  • Eliminate boring, repetitive activities through setting templates based data pipelines.
  • Disrupt the silos where Data get trapped within your organization.

Default scope* :

  • data platform deployment: ADF, Databricks, ADLS Gen2, Azure Synapse
  • use case implementation covering: data ingestion of 3 data sources with up to15 datasets, relevant data pipelines with medium transformation complexity

*The actual scope can be tailored to your need.