Azure PCI DSS Compliance: 4-Hr Assessment


DGITAL Labs offers an assessment session to transform an Azure environment compliant to PCI DSS standard.
DGITAL Labs is a Certified PCI Service Provider and Cloud Platform Silver Partner with a group of Application Developers and certified Azure Administrator Associates and Azure Solutions Architect Experts. DGITAL Labs specialized in maintaining, operating eCommerce websites on a PCI DSS compliant way. We are offering a complimentary 4-hour assessment that includes a discovery session where business requirements and project scope can be determined. The total cost and the duration of the implementation depend on the infrastructure and requirement complexity. ### During the joint work DGITAL Labs provides PCI DSS compliance services such as: * Consultation about the preferred way and expectations of reaching PCI DSS compliance. * Discovering infrastructure components, identifying critical components and services. * Securing Network and Systems, separating CDE environment (if applicable): firewall, password management, encryption. * Setting up missing infrastructure components and remediating non-compliant resources. * Creating Vulnerability Management, automating reviews and reports. * Creating Information Security Policy. * Creating Access Control: Azure RBAC, AD groups. Limiting user access, registering access, restrict physical access. Automating reviews and reports. * Setting up logging, monitoring, auditing, alerting on resources; policies to support staying compliant. * Working on supporting documentation (or updating the existing). This includes security policies, management procedures (e.g. change, incident, BCP). * Custom scripts to support reoccurring mandatory reviews (e.g. consumption report, account review, vulnerability review). Feel free to contact us with any questions.