Azure Innovation Design Think: 2-day workshop

Dimension Data

Deep dive into how to leverage the most effective innovation and technology enablers for your organisation's Azure journey and gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities Azure can provide

This workshop is for business management driving a digital transformation journey within their organisations using Azure-based innovation.

Digital innovation on Azure is key to business success in today’s fast-changing world. In order to drive innovation and unlock business value within your organisation as you travel on your journey to Azure, you need to be set up with a sustainable way of work, not just a once-off plan.

Over the course of this two-day workshop, our experts will help you understand how to leverage the most effective innovation and technology enablers, specific to your organisation to enhance and optimise your Azure platforms using Azure native functionality. Our team will workshop innovation strategies, developing a baseline backlog and roadmap with you. We will provide you with a deeper understanding on how to maximise the power of Azure for your business.

In this highly focused workshop, the Dimension Data team will identify key opportunities to meet your business needs that include driving revenue, improving customer retention and gaining competitive business insight through analytics on Azure.

Agenda Day 1:

  • Workshop vision and expectations
  • Lean Agile overview, principles and roles
  • Value stream overview and high-level mapping
  • Strategic intent briefing

Agenda Day 2:

-Current initiatives and work packages mapped to value streams

  • Future vision and innovation themes for your Azure journey
  • Road map forecasting program delivery into future value horizons
  • Risk management and escalation framework

Workshop Outcomes:

  • An aligned view of the way of work into the future to support your Azure journey
  • A baseline backlog and roadmap to be actively managed into the future, including digital business levers, technology innovation, and lab prototypes on Azure.
  • A common understanding of the preparation required for work packages to be brought into ongoing programming planning sessions
  • Risk approach and plan.