Disaster Recovery with Microsoft Azure and Zerto: 5-Day Workshop

Egroup, Inc.

With Disaster Recovery solutions, we can help you plan, design, implement, test, and manage your recovery solution whether you are in a Data Center or in the Cloud.

eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC Disaster Recovery experts will help your organization assess your current IT solutions, disaster recovery capabilities, and recovery objectives to develop a comprehensive strategy that employs industry-leading technologies and services that deliver speed and certainty in the face of downtime, mistakes, or malicious threats. Our Disaster Recovery Workshop will help you to investigate the usage of Microsoft Azure as a disaster recovery replication target utilizing Zerto Virtual Replication with a goal of increasing the performance of your solutions while you are running in a disaster recovery mode.

The primary goals include:
- Current Environment baseline: Application, Server, Storage, Network, Data Protection, Security, and Process Assessment
- Disaster Recovery Specification: Protection Methods, Recovery Point/Time Objectives, Communication & Security Requirements, and Testing Requirements
- Financial Summary and 5-Year Total Cost of Ownership: Complete cost summary for software, implementation services, data center/cloud infrastructure, networking, testing, and management costs

Our Workshop will include the following agenda:
- Day 1: Review the current workloads and services through a Microsoft Azure Architecture and Design Session
- Day 2: Microsoft Azure Governance Planning
- Day 3-4: Microsoft Azure Application Performance Testing and Production Ready demonstration of Zerto Virtual Replication
- Day 5: Findings Documentation and Next Steps

Microsoft Azure in conjunction with Zerto Virtual Replication is a faster, more secure, cloud-based way to protect your mission critical data and systems, and a way to test that protection - continuously - without interruption.