Microsoft Azure + Citrix Cloud Virtual Desktop: 5-Day Workshop

Egroup, Inc.

Productivity without limits, ensure your users have access to the applications and data they need, on time, all the time.

Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to quickly and easily deploy hundreds or thousands of Citrix based applications and desktops as needed without the burdens of infrastructure management to reduce the amount of computing required to deliver solutions across various offices and desktops.

Don’t let new applications or business use cases be delayed by slow infrastructure provisioning. With Microsoft Azure you are able to quickly, securely, and predictably provision the necessary resources to help deploy hundreds of Citrix based applications and desktops. Utilize the cloud and eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC Services to remove management overhead and focus only on the application workloads, and predictably turn up and down resources based on specific criteria to help with resource utilization.

Our multi day workshop involves the following:
- Day 1-2: Confirm the goals and outcomes of the current applications and desktops; Review and document the application requirements; Review and document end user cases for the deployment of applications
- Day 3-4: Conduct a Citrix Cloud Overview Workshop
- Day 5: Provide Findings Documentation on the Citrix applications and desktops on Microsoft Azure

Engage eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC to learn more about the value that Microsoft Azure can bring your business allowing you to extend your Citrix applications and desktops to the cloud.