DWH Modernization using Azure: 10-day assessment


Looking to optimize one or more of the following areas? Reporting, analysis, dashboarding, planning & budgeting, forecasting and the supporting ICT and database environment?

The Data Warehouse Modernization Assessment is a short strategic assessment aimed to further clarify and detail out how your Data & AI workloads can be accelerated and improved leveraging Microsoft Azure. Focused on your challenges and ambitions we will deliver a tangible and concrete roadmap document including and as-is, SWOT and maturity assessment as well as recommendations on architecture, phasing and roles.

The assessment is run by a Director of element61 who - with technical and business knowledge - runs a set of interviews and workshops, and documents observations, assessment results and recommendations.

The assessment is typically ran in a 3 to 4 weeks run-through-period with:

  • 2 days of 1-to-1 interviews
  • 3 to 4 workshops spread across 1,5 weeks
  • iterative documentation of vision and roadmap

The deliverable, a "Business Analytics Roadmap" is documented as a PowerPoint-presentation. This presentation is then used for an interactive stakeholder workshop where the findings are discussed and a suggested way forward is presented.

This deliverable contains:

  • an as is assessment on Data & Analytics maturity incl. SWOT assessment & maturity benchmark
  • an inventory of data opportunities and improvement domains (incl. tools, technology, people and processes)
  • a design of a future proof architecture leveraging Microsoft Azure to support these needs
    • keeping in mind budget, existing technology and application landscape and skills
    • evaluating different Azure options (with their pro's and con's)
  • a detailed cost breakdown of the target architecture on running costs Opex ) and implementation investments (Capex)
  • a perspective on the required organization to support these initiatives both from a people point of view as of a process point of view
  • a prioritized implementation plan on the migration towards a new, modern data platform based on Microsoft Azure