AVD as a Service: average 4 weeks implementation

Elgon S.A.

Azure Virtual Desktop as a Service / Managed services for VDI

Azure Virtual Desktop is the state of the art of a virtual modern workplace while providing a full managed services for your virtual desktop. The user profile and application containerizing capabilities all sitting on a secure serverless flexible environment. Customers can rely on Elgon's proven experience to Pilot, Implement, Secure, Manage and Operate the AVD environment as a service. Activities: understand the customers' current environment, execute on desktop application assessment, explore Azure capabilities and design the recommended architecture, setup management plane, setup user profile management infrastructure, monitor workload performance during the engagement, present results, discuss next steps and knowledge transfer. The overall scope of the project includes the planning, landing zone setup and migration onto Azure Virtual Desktop platform. Step 1: Define Strategy. Assessment of the current environment Step 2: Plan. building the well architecture AVD infrastructure to satisfy the customer needs. Step 3: Ready. implement the major components of the architecture while respecting customer requirements and challenges and prepare customer technical team to adopt the changes. Step 4 : Adopt. AVD pilot and go live, implementation and deployment Step 5: Govern. Align AVD setup with the customer governance model. Step 6: Manage. Manage AVD on behalf of the customer or handover the management capabilities towards the customer's team.