App Innovation Ideation: 2-Day Assessment




The Assessment Work with our team of experts to assess a new or existing solution, to understand the solution summary, roadmap and an indicative investment for implementation. We will take you through a full day of consulting and discovery followed by a two-hour presentation of findings and recommendations supporting a decision to move forward. Your first day will encompass an ideation workshop focused on these three key areas: * **Art of the possible** – understand what other organisations are achieving when leveraging our innovative Azure App Foundry development platform * **Solution discovery** – explore an existing or new solution requiring innovation in the areas of business outcome, user journey and technical considerations * **Technology** –initial fit gap analysis of the solution against Azure App Foundry or other relevant Microsoft technologies

The Outcome The outcome of this assessment provides a high-level description of the solution that includes a roadmap and indicative investment, empowering your decision to move forward. As a next step, we recommend our App Proof of Concept engagement to take the solution idea into an initial implementation.