SAP on Azure Comprehensive Cloud Transformation Assessment

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Eviden’s SAP on Azure Comprehensive Cloud Transformation Assessment offering is the first step in your comprehensive holistic approach toward your cloud transformation journey.

Eviden and Microsoft help you migrate SAP to the Azure cloud: seamlessly, securely, and strategically.

Eviden’s Digital Cloud Transformation Hub for SAP is designed to support your organization as you navigate the complex journey towards Azure Cloud & S4 HANA to achieve your digital transformation goals.

Typically, customers have doubts about the cloud journey:

•    Want to migrate to the cloud, but don’t know where to begin?

•    I need help with cloud migration strategy for my SAP landscape.

•    How long will it take for the migration?

•    How can I develop a risk-averse cloud migration approach? 

Eviden’s Assessment offering clarifies not only all such doubts but is also the first step in your comprehensive holistic approach towards migration is our cloud transformation Assessment.

This is a critical part of your cloud journey:

•    It ensures you understand the current state of your SAP architecture

•    It enables you to define your to-be state from an Infrastructure point of view

•    It helps you map out a risk-averse approach to cloud migration

Everything you need to pursue your cloud aspirations, customized to your businesses’ unique requirements delivered as an outcome of this assessment:

•    A summary of your source system assessment with view of a tailored migration approach

•    Recommendations for a best fit solution, including proposed Target Architecture and Azure BOM

•    High-level project timelines, incorporating a transformation roadmap with recommendations

•    A High Availability Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) strategy

•    Summary of transformation costs and opportunities for funding support from Microsoft

By Understanding what a right-fit solution looks like for your business, and what is needed now, and, in the future, you will be able to:

•    Lead critical cloud conversations with stakeholders and build a comprehensive business case supported by business-specific insights

•    De-risk your migration by becoming as well-informed as possible on the migration process - before the actual procurement process/ execution is initiated.

•    Organize funding for the next steps and ready the business for change

Why there is no better partner for you than EVIDEN on this journey…

•    Proven cloud expertise: Eviden brings end2End SAP and Cloud expertise with 13600 SAP experts and 3300+ Microsoft Azure Cloud experts. 

•    Microsoft-certified security experts and world-class cloud security solutions

•    Specialist tools, frameworks, and methodologies

•    Recognized leaders in innovation.

•    PLUS: We ‘walk the talk.’ Eviden runs on SAP and Azure

•    One of the benefits of this premier partnership between Eviden, SAP, and Microsoft is the opportunity for exclusive funding support for our joint customers. Together we assist you unlock the right value for your business, perfectly aligned with where you find yourself on your transformation journey. This is how you expand your horizons with insights-led transformation powered by SAP on Microsoft Azure

•    Dedicated SAP cloud solutions

•    SAP on Azure Advanced Specialization

•    Focused programs to add greater value: Eviden ‘Extend and Innovate’ program, engineered to elevate the value delivered beyond Azure to Microsoft Cloud, for deeper functionality and capability.

4 weeks (from commencement to presentation of Assessment Report)