Evolutio Landing Zone 4 Weeks Service

Evolutio Cloud Enabler, S.A,

Get started with your Azure Landing Zone. Enable application migrations and green field deployments in Microsoft Azure.

The first step in every cloud migration is setting up a multi-account environment. It involves setting up configurations, security, networking, logging, and enabling a set of other Azure services and settings to reach the baseline requirements. The traditional and manual setup of such a cloud environment from scratch following the security guidelines and best practices is cumbersome, costly, and time-consuming.

Evolutio Landing Zone for Azure helps to automate these processes and quickly create a secure, scalable, multi-account environment based on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework best practices.

Azure Landing Zone by Evolutio provides enterprises with cloud-based IT architecture design and governance solutions that cover account management, resource management, network planning, financial management, compliance auditing, and security protection. The service helps enterprises design and manage IT environments on the cloud for efficient collaboration, security compliance, and cost control.

Evolutio employs a 6-phase methodology:

Land: Align the Landing Zone to your organizational needs.

Secure: Bind your cloud to your current identity and security policies

Extend: Extend your cloud on a defined framework.

Operate: Build the next opera

Govern: Add a modern cloud to your organization

Wheter you are deploying your first application in Microsoft Azure or you are operating complex environments, Azure Landing Zone implementation options are tailored to your specific needs with three different options (Bronze, Silver, Gold)