Springboard™ for Azure Starter Tier – 2wk Impl


2-week Springboard™ for Azure implementation to accelerate the adoption of Azure using Fujitsu's experience and Microsoft's best practice.

During this 2-week implementation of Springboard™ for Azure Fujitsu will help guide your organization through the adoption of Azure in order to facilitate a proof of concept. By using Fujitsu's modular enterprise blueprint design patterns aligned to the Enterprise Scale Landing Zones, you can accelerate your adoption of Azure in a repeatable, assured and supportable manner.

What Is Included:
Week 1:
  • Engagement kick-off workshop where Fujitsu get to know your organization, identify stakeholders, understand motivations and scope of the proof of concept. In addition, align business case, candidate technology solutions and team and organisation structure, estimation and refined cost and plan.
  • Discovery workshops to estimate and refine the product backlog, confirming non-functional and functional requirements.
  • Creation of an Azure DevOps Project based on a Scrum delivery process.
  • Creation of Infrastructure as Code Pipelines and Repos following a discovery workshop.
  • Week 2:
  • Setup and Configuration of baseline Azure Governance aligned to the organization's stipulated non-functional requirements using Fujitsu’s service blueprint.
  • Delivery of infrastructure components as per design.
  • Functional testing, including project sign-off.
  • Final presentation show and tell.
  • Optional: build out product backlog in order to transition into production (upgrade to Corporate required).
  • (Price can vary depending on the client's requirements and work time).

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