Azure Synapse Analytics 1-Day Assessment

FyrSoft LLC

In Azure Synapse Analytics assessment, our experts will review your current data platform, provide a roadmap on how to successfully implement modern data warehouse and data analytics infrastructure

FyrSoft’s Azure Synapse Analytics assessment will involve agenda driven sessions. We will discuss on business pain-points and find solutions that can help you create a strategy for resolution. During the assessment we will analyze ways to leverage Synapse Analytics to deliver powerful solutions that meet your present and future business needs.


  1. Identify technology pain points and evaluate solutions during a discussion with the IT team
  2. Brainstorm with business stakeholders on business objectives and identify gaps through comparison
  3. Develop insights based on the analysis and consolidate learning objectives, measures, and solutions
  4. Present summary of assessment and share roadmap for next level of data modernization with Microsoft Azure and Azure Synapse
  5. Analytics as next steps based on business and IT needs


  1. Learning outcomes based on analysis of pain points.
  2. A document on intended objectives and goals achieved from Synapse
  3. Articulated Azure Synapse Solution guide to meet business and IT requirements
  4. Project timeline proposal with benefits