Harman RCP-Remote Patient Monitoring Solution: 8-Wk Implementation

Harman International Industries

Remote Care Platform is a user engagement platform designed for healthy living, remote episodic, and chronic care. It is a platform based on which number of applications can be built.

Harman RCP is a software technology solution which enables remote care management for a potentially varied target population by enabling an end-to-end connected care work-flow. Built on Azure Cloud and leveraging Azure native services, this covers user’s health and vital data collection, user education, user communication, task and workflow management, user management, data security and privacy assurance, data management, analysis and visualization capabilities and health-system interface/integration and other relevant capabilities.

Benefits offered by the solution includes:

  • Reduce visits to clinics.
  • Improve care team efficiency.
  • Enable Value based care.
  • Improve patient engagement.

It addresses following pain points:
  • Periodic visits to clinic is time consuming.
  • Non-adherence to medication impacts individual health.
  • Social disconnect and cause anxiety and depression.
  • Consumer education about their health.
  • Gap in care provider and patient communication.

Harman offers a 8 Weeks implementation as a consulting service to provide a customized solution for your use-case. Harman will bring in specialists who will deploy and setup the solution providing their expertise on Azure. The scope of implementation will be decided in consultation with your respective teams. Separate subscription charges may apply.