IOT – Real Time Cargo Tracking Solution: 3-month Implementation

Harman International Industries

Evolving customer needs require organizations need to transform into smart, fast, intelligent enterprises. Catalyze this transformation with Harman's Real Time Cargo / Baggages Tracking solution.

Seamlessly connect products, people, and systems to generate valuable insights that help you stay responsive, resilient, and steps ahead of their competition. Architect and implement end-to-end secure, commercial ready IoT solutions at scale with HARMAN’s expertise in device, cloud, enterprise applications, and big data analytics, coupled with bundle of ready-to-use services available from Microsoft Azure. Benefit from improved productivity, asset utilization and a digital workforce experience.

Harman offers a 3-month implementation as a consulting service to provide a customized solution for your use-case. Harman will bring in specialists who will deploy and setup the solution providing their expertise on Azure. The scope of implementation will be decided in consultation with your respective teams.

Harman IOT solutions - Case Study

The core of the Harman's solution is a framework-based approach to the IOT solutions, which acts as a base for all the current and future IOT solutions that have been developed, and ones to be added in the future. Harman uses Azure cloud services to quickly build functional blocks to develop solutions much faster helping the customers to a faster GTM, coupled with Azure Stack Edge and AP5g Core for a private network setup quickly to enable a high bandwidth and seamless network connectivity to deploy these IoT solutions.

HARMAN smart city solutions is taking the master platform-of-platforms approach. All solutions, internal and external, shall integrate with the single core platform. It gives a single window view and control of the whole ecosystem, improves operational efficiency, and reduces deployment and management overheads to bare minimum required.

Real Time Cargo Tracking Solution

The customer was using offline methods of scanning the cargo pieces without actually using any kind of centralized system for collecting the information and using the insights from the data collected.

So it was pretty much pen and paper kind of a setup for cargo tracking.

After the Harman smart cargo tracking application was deployed on Microsoft private 5G network enabled by AP5GCore deployed on Azure Stack Edge, the whole process of tracking movement of cargo from plane to warehouse and back turned to real-time tracking from previous pen-paper setup. Now gives the tracking of each single piece of cargo item as it gets scanned from one transit point to another and handed over.

The benefits achieved by this solution are listed as below:

  1. Real time tracking of cargo pieces versus no information on cargo items in the previous process.
  2. Faster turnaround time to locate the missing cargo pieces, in a matter of hours versus days when working without the new solution.
  3. Reduction in loss of cargo items due to 24 by 7 real-time tracking
  4. Identification of process efficiency in terms of time taken at every step, thereby able to determine bottlenecks in the process in each phase as they begin to impact operations.
  5. Real time availability of insights on the volume of cargo moving across the airport at any given time thereby enabling airport operations to plan for future growth and expansion well in time.

Customer Benefits achieved with the project:

  1. Improve the efficiency of business operations
  2. Grow through new products, markets, or go-to-market strategies
  3. Increase customer or user experiences
  4. Reduce or manage business risks (not related to security)

Listed below are several applications of the Cargo/Baggage tracking solution:

  • Logistics
  • Airports
  • Warehouses
  • Fulfillment time tracking
  • Inventory monitoring

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