HCL Data Estate Migration & Modernization Service (ADvantage Migrate): 2 to 12 months Implementation

HCL Technologies

Data Estate Migration and Modernization service from HCL helps to modernize legacy Data Estates and migrate the data to modern Data Platform on Azure.

ADvantage migrate is a comprehensive one-stop solution for Data Estate Migration and Modernization service, help to modernize and migrate the Databases, ETL/ELT, Datawarehouse, Business Intelligence from legacy technologies/ OnPrem to Azure.

This is a technology agnostic service and consists of HCL expert services, proven process and HCL Data assessment, migration, and validation tools/accelerators. This service help in modernizing Data & Analytics ecosystem to Azure in a faster, cheaper way while meeting all the compliance requirements.

The solution assists in unified analytics and governance, amplified human output, and faster business outcomes by leveraging the following key components:

  1. HCL Expert Services
  2. Three Step Automation with Pre-Engineered HCL Products

(ADvantage Gateway Suite, ADvantage Sketch and ADvantage Gatekeeper)

Timelines: Timelines will depend upon the scope of work and complexity of the environment.

Legacy technologies supported for modernization: ADvantage migrate is a technology agnostic solution. Illustrative list of technologies depicted below:

  1. Oracle Exadata
  2. Teradata
  3. IBM Data Stage
  4. IBM Netezza
  5. IBM DB2
  6. Hadoop
  7. Informatica
  8. IBM Cognos
  9. Oracle BI
  10. SAP Business Objects etc

Scope: The scope of work includes (but not limited to)

  1. Assessment of existing Data Landscape: a. Lineage dependency analysis b. Target specific recommendations c. Capacity planning

  2. Transforming the Data a. Transform DML, DDL, Procedures, ETL, Jobs, Reports b. Packaging using cloud native wrappers c. Ensuring Repeatability and Extendibility

  3. Validating the Data Pipeline based validation including: a. Schema and Metadata b. Code base c. Pre and post Data processing

  4. Execution a. Executable package with Cloud Native orchestrators b. Parallel execution c. CI/CD and transition support