Data Engineering and Data Analytics- 4 weeks Implementation

I2e Consulting

Leverage i2e’s expertise in data engineering and data analytics to achieve data integrity and generate high-value reports and dashboards.

Data is useful only when you can read it. If your organization is looking for a way to make the best use of your data, then this offering is what you need.

In this 4-week implementation, i2e Consulting will collaborate with your team to understand your Azure cloud data sources and reporting needs. We will also evaluate your data structure and perform data engineering needed for one sample Power BI report and dashboard. We will integrate data from multiple cloud sources and load it into a staging area for use by the downstream Power BI dashboard/report. Our offering will enable you to get insights into your data using intuitive visuals.

The implementation would occur in two phases

  1. Data engineering - Evaluate your cloud databases, set up an ETL framework to suit your reporting needs and perform data engineering.
  2. Data analytics – Leverage the staging area created during the data engineering phase to surface data in Power BI and develop one sample report and dashboard.

Deliverables 1.Work with business and technical stakeholders to understand the data and reporting needs. 2. Develop data repositories and data access within Azure 3. Help implement an ETL framework for data engineering 4. Surface data from various cloud sources in Power BI 5. Generate one Power BI report and a dashboard


  1. Data repositories within Azure cloud
  2. Data converted to suit reporting needs

A tailor-made one-page dashboard with an additional drilldown report enabling you to get insights into your data

i2e Consulting

i2e Consulting carries the expertise in providing consulting and implementation services for global companies. We are Microsoft Gold partners and specialize in security, PPM and cloud services and deploying them with Microsoft standards.

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