IBM Intelligent Workflows on Azure

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Provides AI infused automation for any business processes that involve a deep understanding of unstructured date such as documents. E.g. Customer on-boarding, Claims Processing, Lending applications

IBM Intelligent Workflows on Azure provides a platform to automate and infuse AI capabilities to transform business processes that involves a deep understanding of unstructured data such as documents, forms and images. IBM platform employs process re-engineering and “Content Intelligence”, an IBM Research technology for digitization, content understanding and reasoning where there is an abundance of unstructured data. It also leverages our own Data and AI accelerators, state-of-the-art ISV ecosystem, Azure AI toolkits and the Microsoft low code Power platform. By design it adapts to varied requirement of different processes in an organization. This common platform enables clients to: To test small scale pilots and quickly scale to production To quickly expand to new use cases or geographies To integrate with in-house IT systems using prebuilt adapters To build human controlled AI process.

The offering covers

  • Reference architecture
  • Reference patterns for various use cases and scenarios
  • PowerAutomate flows for orchestration
  • Combination of Azure AI services and IBM Content Intelligence services
  • Connections with strong ISV toolkits for domain specific use cases
  • Demo assets

Use cases include:

  • Legal Contract Analysis
  • Claims and Payments Processing
  • Customer Onboarding (Banking and Insurance)
  • Lending and Mortgage Processing
  • Vendor Management and Invoice Processing
  • Talent Acquisition, Skills Identification, Attrition and Churn Prevention
  • Cognitive Manuals for Manufacturing

Key Benefits: 60% Reduction in Operational Cost 70% Reduction in Manual Effort Eliminate Errors