Azure DevOps Migration: 2-Week Implementation

InCycle Software

An Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) Migration is for customers seeking to move from on-premise Team Foundation Server (TFS), or a 3rd party system, to Azure DevOps in the cloud.

InCycle’s experienced DevOps consultants will support the migration from pre-requisites and test migrations through to a final production cut over. In addition to migration, our team will provide training, coaching and consulting services to maximize the value of the Azure DevOps platform.

We've successfully completed migrations from a variety of apps, including TFS, Doors, Jira and many more. Our team are experts at delivering high fidelity migrations complete with history and zero downtime time. Contact us to discuss your project!


  1. Planning
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Analysis and Review of current state
  • Verify Pre-Requisites
  • Refine migration strategy
  • Plan and communicate project
  1. Preparing (foundation)
  • Configure migration environment
  • Upgrade TFS to DevOps Server latest version
  • Migrate accounts and configure licenses
  • Optional: Migrate source code from TFVC to Git
  • Validate requirements
  1. Piloting
  • Migration validation
  • Identify and correct data issues
  • Dry-run end-to-end migration
  • Configure security
  1. Training
  • Optimize migration timing
  • Train admin on Azure DevOps administration
  • Present end-users on Azure DevOps
  • Schedule production migration
  1. Go-Live
  • Perform production migration
  • Support post-migration
  • Follow-up training and coaching