Azure Consultancy Services: 8-wk Imp.

InSpark BV

Are you looking for the platform that serves all cloud services used by your organization in one fell swoop? Then you are clearly looking for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform.

InSpark Azure Consultancy Services

Security InSpark takes care of the optimization and implementation of the services and the associated Security Operations Center (SOC) service (s). With its Cloud Security Center (CSC) service, InSpark offers protection based on the latest Microsoft technologies and links it to 24/7 follow-up.

App modernization App Modernization with Microsoft Azure helps you leverage microservices, serverless architecture, and containers to remove huge dependencies within your products and create smaller and independently deployable components. These leaner and quickly – evolving applications will lead the way to a new business model that evolves expeditiously and helps you gain a competitive edge.

Artificial intelligence If you combine artificial intelligence with Augmented Reality (HoloLens), you can not only combine the physical and virtual worlds, but you can also interpret them better and better. It is then possible to display real-time data in the right context. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, devices such as the Hololens are able to independently solve problems with various application possibilities. Azure Services We offer onboarding, management & security of (your) cloud combined with permanent transformation based on (new) technical possibilities and organization needs. Our solutions are designed for scale, security and business continuity and enables your organization to bring business critical applications and confidential data to the cloud within weeks 24x7 support Project deliverables Carrying out work/activities appointed in this project proposal and the work contract drawn up; Knowledge and support in implementation; Setting up the necessary tools and/or software for Azure platform Architecture activities Consultancy services as described;

**The price for the different azure services vary per customer based on the number of users