Full Stack Technical Support 12-Mo Managed Service


Full Stack Support: additional technical support with continuous monitoring, improvement and 24/7 support of your environment

Full Stack Support Full Stack Support is the solution to focus on the core business of your organisation. In this plan, Intercept provides continuous monitoring, improvement and 24/7 support of your environment. Our team of certified Azure specialists is an extension of your technical team.

Safe, efficient and available Within the scope of our Full Stack Support, proactive maintenance (Microsoft CAF - Manage) is performed to prevent disruptions within the cloud infrastructure. We support your developers and engineers with a dedicated Continuous Improvement Team that knows your environment inside out. We guarantee your business continuity by constantly monitoring potential threats and vulnerabilities. We configure backups and monitor the service incidents of your Azure Resources. And we keep you informed of service issues. This way, we keep your environment safe, (cost) efficient and continuously available.

Within each of our Managed Services, you will have access to the Intercept Customer Portal. One central place from which you can easily and in real time:

• specify your CSP invoices monthly, on top of Azure Cost Management; • view the security and compliance status of your environment at a glance, based on Azure Policy and Intercept best practices; • immediately apply Azure Advisor recommendations based on policies and best practices; • understand Intercept's Managed Services Monitoring and associated SLA; • sent Support Requests to both Intercept and Microsoft; • add Azure Subscriptions; • add or remove Office 365 licenses; • and benefit from future new functionalities within this portal

And more:

  • Azure Cost Management
  • Monthly recommendations