Going serverless with Azure - 2 hours briefing


Do you want to build a solution without worrying about servers? Do you need a multi-functional cloud solution? Are you afraid that it might cost a lot?

Our 2-hour briefing can provide you with answers to your questions, giving you an advantage over your competitors and increased value that you provide to your users.

Having a vast experience in Azure Serverless, our professionals will give you enough knowledge to understand the big picture of Azure Serverless architecture. The industrial trend currently over flooding the world is to follow serverless architecture instead of the legacy way for building application.

Using Serverless services like Azure functions will let you be in front of your competition by delivering quality, secured products. Azure functions can be used in multiple areas like:

  • Back-end for the web applications
  • Fast integration between Azure and non-Azure systems
  • Processing the streams and files in real-time
  • Automation and scheduling
  • Building modern and efficient IoT applications

Azure serverless services provide you with the ability to build easily powerful services for web applications or mobile backend without the need to have your own server. You will pay only for the execution of the function not per server unit.

Benefits of attending our 2-hour briefing:

  • Overview of Azure Serverless architecture
  • Implementation of event-driven concepts in your existing systems
  • Designing and creating workflows
  • Building features faster
  • Importance of orchestration for creating complex workflows
  • Monitoring and logging your operations
  • The cost of Serverless services and their pricing models

About ⋮IWConnect:

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