Azure Governance: 6wk Assessment

Inviso Corporation

Through a series of workshops, Inviso will take you through guided learning on how to optimize Azure spend on existing resources and control costs into the future.

Scope of Work

The assessment will consist of the following tasks to be performed collaboratively between Inviso and Customer.

  • Understand data from the relevant scope of the IT infrastructure
  • Collection of information from the customer to understand their current and future cloud goals
  • Azure Cost Analyst and Workshops
    • Initial Discovery & Azure Framework: Discuss current Azure infrastructure and share cost savings best practices.
    • Azure Cost Management: Guided learning of the tool to understand current billing data, forecast costs Analysis and Insights
    • Cloud Adoption Framework: Inviso to perform a collaborative workshop on how to manage current and future Azure footprint.
    • Generate Cost Optimization Insights report that enable the detailed cost-related optimization recommendations.

Project Timeline

Work Item Target Completion Date
Kickoff Call Week 1
Data Collection Weeks 2-3
Azure Framework Analyst Workshops Weeks 3-4
Insight Report Completion and Establishment of Next Steps Weeks 5-6