Azure Migration to Azure VMware Solution

Ivision, Inc.

A discovery, design, implementation, and migration of on-premise workloads to Azure VMware Solution.

Description: iVision will work with Customer to assess the current on-premise environments, design and deploy Azure Architecture & VMware Solution, and migrate workloads to Azure AVS. iVision aligns with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure migration methodologies.

Overall Discovery & Low-Level Design:

iVision’s Cloud Migration Assessment will provide in-depth discovery of the connectivity, network and workloads to effectively define the requirements needed for low level design. This data collection will lead to the building of network requirements, migration plans and runbooks needed for a successful cloud migration. iVision takes a phased approach during this assessment that includes:

•        Discover the details of the environment to provide a complete picture of the network and application infrastructure using automation tools and organization interviews

•        Evaluate discovered data to identify the application parameters, dependencies and migration patterns

•        Plan the migration details such as migration waves, move groups, testing plans and risk mitigation strategies

Security / Network Architecture and Design:

iVision will collaborate with the Client and iVision to design and architect a WAN design to support the Cloud migration, including user access, remote sites, and global connectivity. During this design, iVision will evaluate if native Azure network solutions could replace existing appliances in the Cloud. If it is determined native Azure network solutions are not feasible, iVision will deploy Cloud appliances matching the current on-premise vendors and mirror configurations.

Azure Foundation (Landing Zone) Design:

iVision will collaborate with the Client across required design pillars based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), to determine key decisions and design a proper Azure Cloud Landing Zone fit for the Client's needs. For this design, iVision will leverage the "Enterprise Scale" approach of CAF for Azure Landing Zones, which will provide the Client with both Microsoft best practices and iVision’s proven experience in deploying production-ready and secure cloud landing zones.

  Azure VMware Solution (“AVS”) Design:

iVision will design the Azure VMware Solution according to Azure best practices. We’ll identify and gather the requirements needed for a successful deployment and migration.

Azure Foundation (Landing Zone) Deployment:

iVision will deploy the Azure Landing Zone via Infrastructure as Code and automate the build process based on the Low-Level Design.

Azure VMware Solution Deployment:

iVision will deploy and configure Azure VMware Solution, per region, according to Microsoft best practices.

Azure VMware Solution Migration:

iVision will migrate virtual machines to Azure VMware Solution.