IoT Accelerator: 2-Day Workshop

Kin + Carta Partnerships Limited

2 day workshop, combining strategic consultancy, technical delivery and product and service provision to help businesses evaluate, prioritise and internally align to maximise the IoT opportunity.

Who is this workshop for

Organisations and the leaders within them who

  • Have struggled to identify where to start, or how to drive progress on leveraging their opportunities to utilise IoT
  • Encountered challenges when trying to reach a consensus or get buy-in exploring or implementing IoT services within their business

What this workshop will deliver(N.B. this can be delivered virtually)

During this two day virtual or in-person cross-functional workshop, you will be learning how to identify and understand your organisations' IOT opportunities and we will guide you on how to produce the supporting business case, design mock ups and prototypes helping you win commitment from your organisations leadership.

In this session you will:

  • Discover & learn the broad potential for IoT within a business or business function
  • Align stakeholders around the opportunity and future activities to deliver it
  • Unlock investment from the wider organisation by learning on how to create artefacts conveying the value of IoT

Indicative Schedule

Day 1: Alignment on key business objectives, As-is mapping, Identification, quantification and prioritisation of IoT-driven opportunities.

Day 2: Review of prioritised IoT opportunities by case, Presentation of ideas, and prioritisation of impact vs. effort

Kin + Carta, Arrow and IoT

Kin + Carta is a digital transformation business. We make the journey to becoming a digital business tangible, sustainable and profitable. We partner with Arrow a provider of IoT products, services and solutions. Our combined solution leverages Azure IoT, built on decades of Microsoft experience and designed to be accessible for all organisations. No matter your industry or the size of your organisation, or whether you're working with a partner or on your own, Azure IoT has all of the devices, tools, data analytics and security capabilities you need to achieve your IoT goals.