Azure Migration Practice - Ignite and Engage 1 hour briefing

Knowit AB

Migrating to Azure, briefing for decision makers and technical people in how Knowit manages Azure Cloud Migrations

This Ignite and Engage 1 hour briefing from KNowit is designed to kickstart your migration journey to Azure!

In this session we will run you through our proven Cloud Migration Practice, that is designed to empower you with a smooth and efficient transition and transformation to Azure Cloud. You will gain insight on the overarching discovery and assessment process, as well as building the TCO and adopting an early version of migration plan and process. We will also touch base on Microsoft programs and pricing, as well as aligning your future estate against the best practices in cloud.

Topics covered:

  1. Cybercom's Cloud Migration Practice offering
  2. Tooling
  3. CAF aligned Ready and Ready phases and their content
  4. Pricing model for implementation

Let us help in crafting a sustainable transformation and cloud migration plan for your business!