Azure Migration Assessment

Langate Corp

Migration Assessment is a prerequisite for moving your infrastructure and applications to the cloud. Learn how your infrastructure can benefit from Azure, and prepare efficiently for Migration with ou

The goal of our 8-day Azure Migration Assessment is to:

  • Validate your current IT infrastructure for optimal use of Microsoft Azure.
  • Identify where your applications are running, what you’re paying for, and whether there is a better performance or cost option with Microsoft Azure.

Best practices indicate that a migration assessment should be done before any company switches from its current hosting provider to the cloud.

Phase 1 - Evaluate Readiness (3 days):

Not all servers are appropriate for Azure. All on-premises servers are assessed and given a readiness category - Ready for Azure, conditionally ready for Azure, not ready for Azure.

Phase 2 - Calculate Sizing Requirements (3 days):

  • Compute sizing
  • Storage and disk sizing: The assessment looks at the storage type supplied in the assessment attributes and suggests an appropriate disk type.
  • The network adapter on the on-premises server is considered while scaling the network.

Phase 3 - Calculate monthly costs:

In the final phase, we’ll estimate the monthly compute and storage costs for running your servers on Azure following the migration.


Here’s what you should expect at the end of our 8-day migration assessment:

  • Azure Migration Assessment Report: Explores the technical and business benefits of moving from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud without needing to make substantial investments in new skills or capital.
  • A detailed roadmap providing guidance on how to efficiently migrate to Azure.
  • Sizing, security, and storage recommendations for your migration needs