Data catalog and cataloging management

Loihde Oyj

Implementing Microsoft Purview Data Catalog

Many companies face a problem where they have abundance of data but finding the data suitable for the purpose could require lot of trial and error. Microsoft Purview data catalog is a tool that by utilizing your organizations metadata, business glossary etc. creates a birds-eye-view from your data and connections between data and business glossary. Proper overview of organizations data landscape creates understanding what data we have, where do we have it, descriptions of the data etc. Microsoft Purview catalog and data governance capabilities support data citizenship across you organization.

Loihde helps you with the beginning of your data catalog journey. As experts, we create value in your data cataloging process by understanding the prerequisites and possibilities of data catalogs and cataloging work. The scope and size of implementation work depends on the business needs for understanding your data. It also depends on your "readiness" to implement data catalog (e.g. if your organization does not have business glossary, we cannot implement it to data catalog) and your data governance policies. We recommend that we start small with the implementation and select one domain or even subdomain from your data as a starting point.

Details and the price for implementation work are always agreed individually with each customer.

Data catalog implementation work typically involves following:

  • Implementing Microsoft Purview tool to your environment
  • Connecting to data sources on-premises and on the cloud (Azure or other cloud sources) and scanning those
  • Creating a catalog with your metadata
  • Implementing business glossary to data catalog

Data catalog implementation work can involve following:

  • Creating the connections between business glossary and data
  • Profiling data in data catalog
  • Creating data lineage
  • Implementing policies and data governance rules to catalog
  • Defining ownerships for data and business concepts
  • Training of how data catalog is used

In your data catalog journey, Loihde can also help you with:

  • Current state analysis and prerequisites for Microsoft Purview data catalogs
  • Understanding the value of your metadata
  • Creating a road map for your data catalog work with Microsoft Purview
  • Help you building the data glossary