Build your IoT Vision: 10 Weeks Implementation

MaibornWolff GmbH

MaibornWolff offers to architect, code and operate your IoT solution. We focus on efficient operations that support multiple device variants/generations and enterprise IT integration.

MaibornWolff has successfully helped companies like BMW, Dräger, Glen Dimplex, Miele, STIHL and many more to design, implement and operate business-critical IoT platforms. Our experts empower your team, build your vision and operate your IoT solution according to your needs. And this is how we do it:

EMPOWER (S): Within 10 weeks, we design and build a production-ready MVP based on Azure IoT together with your team. Once the MVP is up and running, we can enable your team to completely take over. Afterwards, we stay in the back offering support whenever necessary; OR you continue to work with us in one of the following ways:

BUILD (M): Once we have built the MVP, we design and implement your entire IoT solution based on your input. You provide the insights and vision for your product while we contribute the technical expertise and knowledge. With the possibilities of Azure IoT Hub, our architecture and design allow us to scale easily. While designing, implementing and deploying additional features, we continuously roll out more devices and even regions or different markets. Thus, you broaden the business impact of your IoT solution while keeping a tight schedule.

OPERATE (L): You want to connect millions of smart devices to your IoT backend and operate those systems cost effectively and at a worldwide scale? Our team has the experience and the knowledge to operate your mission critical systems based on Azure IoT Hub. You can focus on your business while we are making sure that your applications are always up and running. Due to longstanding project experience for corporate and enterprise customers we have gained the know how to meet your needs of stability and reliability while still improving your IoT solution at a continuously fast pace.

Challenge us, we’re happy to prove our technological finesse to you!