Azure Cost Optimization 3 Week Assessment

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Get the most out of your cloud license with our Azure cost optimization service

If you’re a globally distributed company, the cloud can be your greatest ally. However, under-utilized cloud resources generate unnecessary costs. For companies with significant cloud investments, these costs add up. To reduce costs, you need a clear vision of your entire cloud architecture, but auditing scalable resources and tracking consumption across a complex Azure infrastructure can be extremely challenging.

During our 3-week cloud assessment, we’ll help you to understand and improve your existing cloud system. Our custom Azure Cost Optimization service assesses your existing resources, monitors resource consumption, and identifies opportunities to optimize cloud costs. We’ll also send in our team of experts to help you reduce your Azure utilization costs.

Remember: When it comes to Azure cost optimization, it "pays" to be proactive rather than reactive!

Target Audience

  • Cloud admins
  • Azure architects


  • Detailed documentation containing an inventory list, owner list, and cost optimization plan
  • Gap analysis of existing Azure subscriptions, resources, usage, and security
  • Recommendations about SKU alterations for VMs and other Azure resources
  • Scheduler recommendation for VM shutdown based on usage patterns
  • Guidelines to set up automated notifications to effectively monitor resources
  • Standardized governance model


Week 1: Resource Identification

  • Catalogue and group all Azure resources using tags
  • Identify resource types and their capacity

Resource Review

  • Review Azure resource use and cost

Week 2:

  • Perform detailed analysis of existing Azure bill/invoice


  • Identify unused and idle resources


  • Audit and restrict access creation of resources and resources group

Week 3:

  • Develop a standard governance model
  • Enforce new resource access policies
  • Notify owners and users of any changes