Marketing Analytics Implementation in 4-Weeks

Softcrylic LLC

Automate your marketing campaign performance reporting, stop using excel to maintain marketing analytics reports and find long-term trends and historical marketing analytics data to maximize your ROI.

With Synapse Analytics you have a powerful built-in data workbench and pipeline processing, you can quickly achieve a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) Marketing Analytics platform. Some of the benefits of using Synapse can include: easily collecting marketing data using the readily available 90+ data connectors, ability to standardize campaign performance KPIs with a user friendly pipeline development interface and so much more!

In our 4-week Intro Package we will help you jump start your campaign performance automation journey and digitally transform your reporting process. In our 4-week package we will perform the following:

  • Collect Data from 3 different data sources Example: Display(DCM), Social(Facebook) and Offline Data.
  • Implement Campaign Performance Reports with standard performance metrics across Display, Social, Offline data and Cross Channel
  • Provide Operational Reports to track Data Ingestion Status and Data Quality reports
  • Agenda:

    Week 1: Requirements

    • Kickoff
    • Requirements gathering
    • Scope definition
      Azure Synapse Analytics Setup
    • Setup cloud services
    • User access and security
    • Enable API Access to Data Sources
    Week 2: Data Collection
    • Setup Pipelines to collect data (DCM, Facebook, and Google AdWords)
    Data Summarization
    • Update pipelines to process business rules
    Data Validation (Quality Checks)
    • Data Availability
    • Data Consistency
    Week 3: Power BI Data Modeling
    • Setup Data Connections
    • Define Data Modals
    Display Report Social Report Data Quality Reports Week 4: Search Report Cross Channel Report


    • Azure Synapse Analytics Environment
    • Power BI Reports (Display, Search, Social, Cross Channel)
    • Documentation (Setup/Monitoring, Business Rules, Trouble Shooting)