Azure Virtual Desktop - 2 Week Implementation

Mismo Systems LLP

*Get up and running with Azure Virtual Desktop within 2 weeks*
###What is Azure Virtual Desktop? **Azure Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud. It is the only service that delivers multi-session Windows 10 with simplified management. All you need is:** * Properly and efficiently configured Azure infrastructure * Appropriate Windows license to be fully compliant ###Why do you need Windows Virtual Desktop? * Security and regulation * Elastic workforce * Specific employees * Specialized workloads ### Key benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop? * The only multi-session Windows 10 environment * Highly cost-effective virtual infrastructure * Decreased management overhead to remain most productive * Complete support for Remote Desktop Services Environment * The best service to virtualize Office 365 apps for enterprise running in multi-user virtual scenarios * Windows 7 with free ESU * Seamlessly virtualize both desktops and apps ###Our Approach **Assessment/Discovery** * Draft project plan and Kick-off meeting * Assessment & documentation of current environment and business requirements * Define project and stakeholders communication plan * Finalize scope and Project Plan **Design** * Planning the Azure infrastructure (Network (Internet and on-premises connectivity, Security, Monitoring, Backup and DR) * Planning WVD infrastructure on Azure (Authentication and Identity, Sizing and host pool distribution, User profiles, Hosts Imaging and Patching and Licensing) **Pilot/Testing** * Testing of Infra & application as per design * Validate and update the design as per testing result **Implementation** * Implement Azure infrastructure as per plan * Implement connectivity & WVD solution as per plan * Implement Security and Monitoring in Azure **Transition** * Handover to Operations team * Deployment Documentation ###Notes * The scope and cost can vary depending on environment & scale of deployment