Azure Utilization Review: 1-Day Assesment

Molnbolaget Sverige AB

We optimize and review your company's Azure environment, completely free of charge.

During the 1-day assesment our Azure architects will review your company's Azure environment together with you so its cost optimized, completely free of charge.

After completing the assesment, you will receive a number of suggestions for improvements and / or adjustments to optimize your use and, ultimately, your costs.

If we see potential for improvements that lower the company's Azure costs and optimizes the environment in the longer term, but which require greater efforts, you get an estimate of how much the savings can be and how much time it would take to reconfigure the effected services. This estimate too, free of charge.

You decide for yourself if and who that will carry out the improvments. But of course, we recommend our Azure architects - they are awesome! Everything happens online, no physical meetings are needed.

You will receive a report from our Azure Architects containing the following:

• Resources and services that can easily be adjusted to optimize the utilization rate and cost • Approximate cost savings • Time estimation of changes that require greater effort