DWH Appliance Migration Modernization: 4-WK Workshop


Enabling Petabyte Scale on-premises EDWs & Legacy ETL migration to Azure Cloud assessment workshop

As businesses continue to generate and store massive amounts of data, efficient and effective data management & analysis have become more critical than ever. Data Warehouse (DW) appliances have been a popular solution for managing and analyzing large data volumes in a structured manner. However, these appliances are now facing challenges due to the increasing complexity and diversity of data types and the need for real-time analytics. As a result, many organizations are seeking to modernize their DW appliances to meet these new demands.

Many enterprises are seeing a need to address data diversity, and current DWH solutions lack the ability to manage a wide range of data types, real-time analytics, and the need to move to the cloud for scalable, cost-effective, and cloud-native solutions. Also, data virtualization needs to access and analyze data from multiple sources without the need to physically move or replicate the data to reduce data redundancy and minimize data integration efforts.

Mphasis will conduct a 4-week workshop to understand technical debt & risk in existing Data estate and eliminate it by upgrading and optimizing DW solutions to adapt to new data types and analytics requirements Leveraging Azure Synapse Pathway and Azure Migrate services at the core.

The Mphasis Xenon - Data warehouse appliance migration offering aims at helping clients overcome these challenges. It is a 4-week engagement designed for clients with large Data estate portfolios to iteratively design and deploy improvements. The workshop will help clients calculate their technical debt, application complexity, risk, and modernization opportunities and provide a path forward to eliminate this by modernizing the data estate from storage, computing, integration, and reporting, Leveraging Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Pathway, DMA for Oracle, Azure Migrate.


  • Get an overview of the Data estate from the overall Data migration, ETL Migration, and Report migration to understand and initiate platform migration requirements.
  • Drive three-phase execution framework (ASSESS, ADAPT (Analysis, Design Architecture, Planning & Technical Setup), IMPLANT (Iterative Migration Plant) for the overall migration to enable petabyte-scale on-premise EDW & legacy ETL migration to Azure Cloud.


At the end of the workshop, you will learn how to modernize the data estate and speed up the modernization to reap benefits from cloud-native architectures.

Workshop activities and deliverables:


  • Questionnaire-based Assessment.
  • Application Functionality Mapping and Object Inventory
  • Best Practices and Reference Architecture, TCO-ROI Analysis
  • Deliverables - Completed & approved questionnaire; Target deployment Architecture identified.

  • Automated Analysis of Schema, ETL, Reporting Layer
  • Complexity Analysis, Dependencies, Usage
  • Critical Solution Components and Automation
  • Deliverables – Change and security approvals; Install pre-requisites fulfilled; Initiated install process.

  • Rapid prototype/Pilot
  • Finalization of the design Templates and Standards
  • Transformation Plan and Timeline
  • Deliverables - Business Case PDF - Complete with Risk, Complexity, and Technical Debt Analysis.

  • Analysis and report
  • Modernization project plan
  • Deliverables – Blueprint with possible Roadmap
  • Future State Architecture - Over multiple phases and the benefits in each phase, showing the transformation from the Present state to Future State through the MVP approach.
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