Mphasis Java Application Modernization: 3-WK Workshop


Refactoring monolithic Java applications into a microservices architecture

A 3-week workshop conducted by Mphasis to understand technical debt & risk in Java estates and eliminate it through refactoring of monolithic applications to microservices architecture.

Many enterprises running monolithic applications face a disadvantage compared to those using microservices, Kubernetes, and cloud platforms. The complex nature of Java applications makes it even more difficult to take advantage of cloud-based benefits like scalability, elasticity, agility, and engineering velocity.

The Mphasis Java Application Modernization Workshop aims at helping clients overcome these challenges. This is a three-week engagement designed for clients with large Java legacy portfolios to iteratively design and deploy improvements to their monolithic application architectures. The workshop will help clients calculate their technical debt, application complexity, risk, and modernization opportunities, and provide a path forward to eliminate this by refactoring Java monolithic applications to microservices architecture.

The Mphasis Java Application Modernization Workshop leverages vFunction, an AI-powered modernization platform that simplifies and accelerates Java applications transformation into microservices on the Azure platform by 15x, so that businesses can take full advantage of cloud computing, and start using Azure's managed services, including Azure App Service, Azure Spring Cloud, and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). This approach allows companies to expedite their migration to Azure, reduce licensing expenses, and enhance their business agility


  • Get an overview of the technology platform and understand and initiate platform installation requirements.
  • Drive static analysis to understand your Java applications' tech debt, complexity, and risk metrics including usage of aging frameworks and top high debt classes. During this phase, the system learns your app, and analyses as many patterns as exposed to help you understand the codebase.
  • Deep dive analysis of the monolith behavior and structure. Assess, and prioritize your modernization plan.


At the end of the workshop, you will learn how to measure technical debt and speed up the modernization of Java applications to reap benefits from cloud-native architectures.

Workshop activities and deliverables:


  • Java application < 10k classes
  • Deployment/Qualification questionnaire -Java
  • Deliverables - Completed & approved questionnaire; Target deployment Architecture identified

  • Immersion Workshop - Platform overview; Install requirements
  • Pre-deployment workshop
  • Deploy
  • Deliverables – Change and security Approvals; Install pre-requisites fulfilled; Initiated install process

  • Static Analysis to understand the complexity and risk metrics of the application
  • Learning – The system learns your app, and analyses as many patterns as exposed to
  • Deliverables - Business Case PDF- Complete with Risk, Complexity, and Technical Debt Analysis; Dynamic analysis launched

  • Analysis and report
  • Modernization project plan
  • Deliverables - Microservices architecture out-of-the-box blueprint; Full project modernization plan - Move forward