SAP Applications migration to Azure: 2-WK Assessment


Mphasis’ Assessment Services for migration of SAP applications to Azure provides enterprises with a complete roadmap and blueprint for their transformation journey, from assessment to execution.

Any successful migration of SAP applications from on-premise to Azure cloud requires a thorough understanding of the existing landscape, feasibility of Cloud miration, and the best option and approach. Enterprises look to achieve minimum downtime, reduction in TCO for overall cloud solution, and an efficient roadmap for future transformation requirement. However, in working with different applications, they often find it difficult to identify the right cloud environment, migration strategy and landscape.

Mphasis’ Assessment Services delivers this excellence through optimum Azure Cloud solutions, and effective migration strategies and options arrived at after a thorough comparative analysis with other cloud options. Deploying best practices by SAP and Azure, in-house developed tools (mSwift), and Azure services (such as Site Recovery) for assessment and actual migration, Mphasis ensures an end-to-end SAP application migration from on-premise to the Cloud.

Assessment Services Approach –

Mphasis’ Assessment Services adopts a three-stage ATC (Advice, Transform, Control) process to seamlessly migrate SAP applications to Cloud — without disruption of current operations.


  • Discovery and Planning
  • Establishing strategy, goals, and approach
  • Assessment and readiness


  • Seamless migration of application from on-premise to the cloud


  • Maintenance, monitoring and growth planning
  • Database administration
  • Change management

The areas of assessment include

  • Current SAP applications and landscape
  • Current data volume and growth trends
  • Future mode of application operation and landscape
  • Cloud computing and storage requirements
  • OS / DB and Application version compatibility
  • HA / DR set-up

The entire assessment can be executed remotely with equal efficiency.