Optimise the Cloud (1 Week Assessment)

NEC Australia

NEC’s Optimise the Cloud service provides industry best practice governance and remediation methodology ensuring inherent cost efficiency to deliver real benefits across your organisation.

NEC’s Optimise the Cloud service reviews the fundamental optimisation targets within your Azure Cloud environment. The service focuses on delivering real benefits by discovering, analysing and reporting on cost optimisation targets. We will outline best practice governance and remediation policies to ensure inherent cost efficiency across your organisation from application development, through to production operational management. Using continuous monitoring of Azure service performance metrics enables identification of idle, unused, un-optimised or underutilised services, the identified services can then be remediated using policy-based workflows used to continually optimise services.

The timeline for this engagement is estimated at one week, upon completion NEC will deliver a recommendations report detailing recommended optimisation targets. The Agenda for the week’s engagement in approximate in order of execution is as follows: ▌ NEC Azure Least Privileged Read Access Implementation ▌ Identify, Analyse and report on Unused / Disconnected Services ▌ Identify, Analyse and report on Idle / Stopped Services ▌ Identify, Analyse and report on Service Rightsizing opportunities ▌ Identify, Analyse and report on Reserved Instance ▌ Identify, Analyse and report on Power Schedules for Non-Prod services ▌ Azure Cost Optimisation Services ▌ Deliver presentation on Cloud Financial Fitness ▌ Deliver report on Cloud Financial Fitness

The following resource deliverables are included during the engagement: ▌ NEC Engagement Manager ▌ NEC Cloud Optimisation Engineer ▌ NEC Cloud Optimisation Lead