Azure GTM Advisory: 1-Hour Assessment

Nephos d.o.o.

Business-oriented 1 hour-long executive session aimed at understanding your business model by business consultants with 20+ years of experience in IT and digital transformation.

This assessment session is created for SMB companies who are looking to upgrade their business to the next level. Moving to cloud technology is one of the most important steps in that process. This could mean moving all of your IT to Microsoft Azure or moving just some parts of it. Also, this can mean creating your products and solutions (SaaS) completely in the cloud or moving your existing ones.

As customers today expect service availability as close to 100% as possible and SaaS models are taking over the market, more and more companies are beginning to understand that the only way to win in this new reality is by utilizing the power of the cloud - in our case the power of Azure.

During this assessment, apart from a better understanding of your business, we will help you understand how Microsoft Azure can help your business and what exactly can you expect to gain from moving to Azure cloud. We will share with you the best industry practices and help with the overall understanding of the investments needed.

##How we work We are working under our own consulting model - Nephos Innovation Framework (NIF) - that is allowing our customers to better understand their company potential, the value that can be unlocked by utilizing the up-to-date IT trends, and unlocking the innovation within their companies.

NIF consists of 7 key steps - from envisioning to ideation, hacking ideas and finishing with complete projects that can be implemented.

Short outline: during this 1 hour we will:

  • Try to understand your business model and your products
  • Get the overall impression of your existing IT ecosystem
  • help you understand how Microsoft Azure can help you continue building your business