Well Architected Framework - 1 Week Assessment

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

Evaluation of the well-architected framework will examine cost management, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and security of Azure workloads leveraged by the customer.

Touchpoint 1: Introduction Give an overview of the guiding principles of WAF and highlight the most important parts of the process. Introduce and describe the 5 pillars of architectural excellence. Identify the basis for a strong architectural foundation.

Touchpoint 2: Design & Shared Responsibility Overview Discuss the cloud responsibility model and determine what aspects of the customer’s application will be handled by each environment. Assess the organization’s priorities and determine the best possible architectural design.

Touchpoint 3: Cost Optimization Checklist & Architecture Use the customer’s requirements to estimate the initial cost and determine policies for cost constraints. Assess the shared assets of the organization and plan a governance strategy.

Touchpoint 4: Operational Excellence Provide guidance on how to design, build, and orchestrate workloads with DevOps principles in mind. Assess the customer’s build process to see if their product is in a deployable state.

Touchpoint 5: Performance Efficiency Design parts of the process to be discrete and decomposable to make it easier to scale the application by adding instances of specific resources. Introduce platform auto-scaling features and use scheduled scaling rules.

Touchpoint 6: Reliability Define the requirements and architectural best practices in order to build a reliable application. Explain how to deploy the application consistently and monitor the health of the application.

Touchpoint 7: Role of Security Explain the role security plays in architecture and show potential attacks to resist. Introduce regulatory compliance and how to reduce organizational risk.

Outcomes Upon completion of the assessment, the customer will be able to leverage the WAF workloads in the Azure cloud with best practices in cost management, operational excellence, reliability, performance efficiency, and security. Our guidance will ensure any architectural concerns the client has based on the 7 touchpoints.