Azure Landing Zone Deployment: 1-Wk Implementation


An accelerated, best-practice Azure deployment, delivering a set of personalised blueprints which automate the deployment of guardrails & supporting services in-line with the Cloud Adoption Framework.

Balancing the needs of development teams wanting frictionless use of Azure to deliver rapid transformation with corporate governance requirements is challenging. Deploying Azure in-line with best practices to understand the different technologies, configurations & available guardrails requires specialist knowledge & expertise of operating Azure at scale.

Cloud adoption best practice

A landing zone is the basic building block of any cloud adoption environment, providing an accelerator to deploy a best-practice Azure environment. Ensuring the basics such as Management Groups, Subscription Structure & RBAC are configured correctly at the start prevents time-consuming changes in the future.

Governance guardrails such as policies, locks, cost management & logging can prevent expensive mistakes & inconsistencies between projects. Enterprise tooling such as Sentinel, Monitoring & specialised blueprints will provide visibility of performance & compliance across projects.

Our Landing Zone Deployment package is an expert-led delivery leveraging templates & Azure assets to meet the requirements of your compliance/operational goals. This means you can deliver transformation quickly from Azure without having to accept a steep & difficult learning curve.

Infrastructure as Code

Our Landing Zone is the first step for those looking to operate in an IaC model & ensure that Azure & the deployment approach is built in an automated & repeatable way.

Landing Zone deployments utilise Azure Blueprints which are personalised to meet your governance/operational needs. These can be integrated into deployment pipelines & where customers need more granular deployments. We use tools such as Terraform & Ansible to support an IaC model.


  • Achieve standardised provisioning/deployment

  • Accelerate provisioning/deployment times

  • Reusable