Managed Azure Cloud Services

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Leverage the benefits of Azure while offloading the complex and time-consuming tasks of managing and optimising your environments to Nordcloud Managed Services

A key element in enhancing business productivity is driving down costs, which can help free up the funds needed to make strategic investments. Business also needs a means to more effectively orchestrate how IT interacts with business processes and ensure availability of critical application environments. The solution is to use Managed Services.

Managed cloud services address the challenges associated with cloud adoption by providing expertise, support, resource optimisation, scalability, security, cost optimisation, and performance management.

Some of the key factors that drive the need for managed cloud services are:

  • Expertise and support - Cloud technologies can be complex and are constantly evolving. Managed cloud services provide access to experienced cloud professionals
  • Resource optimisation - Managing a cloud infrastructure requires skilled experts, infrastructure management tools and ongoing monitoring and support
  • Scalability and flexibility - Assist organisations in effectively scaling their cloud resources, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency
  • Security and compliance - Expertise in cloud security and compliance, implementing best practices, conducting regular security assessments, and ensuring that appropriate security controls are in place
  • Cost optimisation - While cloud technologies offer cost advantages, mismanagement or inefficient resource utilisation can result in unexpected costs. Managed cloud services help optimise costs by providing expertise in resource optimisation, usage tracking, and cost management
  • Performance and availability - Cloud applications and services need to be highly available and performant to meet user expectations. Managed cloud services offer proactive monitoring, performance tuning, and incident management to ensure high availability and performance
Nordcloud’s Managed Azure Services Portfolio is an extensive set of managed services to support you on your Cloud Journey. See the link below for additional details.

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