Azure Landing Zone - 2 Weeks Implementation

Officeline SA

Azure Landing Zone provides every type of organization with a rapid, secure and efficient cloud foundation, based on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Azure.

The purpose of this 2-week engagement is to rapidly and securely advance the enablement and adoption of the Microsoft Azure through collaborative, targeted design workshops, foundational configuration aligned to simplified management and any existing cloud environment.

Azure Landing Zone Implementation

Office Line supports your organizations to deploy Azure Landing Zone quickly, giving a solid foundation to build and migrate every workloads. Activities include:

  • Discover and gather requirements in design workshops with your IT Operations team.

  • Propose a High-Level design to be used a the basis for the design workshops.

  • Provide detailed design and knowledge workshops, and present final solutions to stakeholders.

  • Create subscriptions, management groups and cloud hierarchy, including identity access.

  • Deploy of an approved CAF Landing Zone Blueprint in Azure Subscription.

  • Design platform automation and DevOps, where applicable.

  • Validate the Azure Landing Zone deployment.


  • Azure Landing Zone package according to organization sizes and needs. (See Learn more below)

  • Azure Landing Zone architecture full documentation.

  • Train and handover knowledge to your IT operations team, by a certified Solutions Architect and Certified Trainer.