Citrix on Azure - 3 weeks implementation

Officeline SA

Citrix on Azure, remotely deploy virtualized desktops and apps by Office Line.

Citrix positions as a long-term partner with Microsoft offering multiple Virtual desktop deployment options to get the most customized Citrix on Microsoft Azure solutions. This partnership aims at helping businesses to solve their concerns with prominent innovative solutions, such as virtual apps, desktops, data and networking ensuring IT cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

Enterprise App Delivery. Centralize control, Increase mobility and centralized management with the power of the cloud.

Cloud Networking. Enhance load balancing, network optimization, cross-security and control to deliver the most optimized services.

Enterprise User Experience. Provide anywhere access to mobilize employees and aggregate enterprise data.

Citrix-as-a-Service. Unify administration to a smooth on-ramp to the cloud with cross-service coordination.

Office Line proposes to implement the solution using cloud services on Microsoft Azure. In a 3-weeks implementation we deliver:

  • Creation of Azure Landing Zone. (if it’s not existed)

  • Integration of On-premises Environment with Azure.

  • Data services deployment.

  • Citrix Farm deployment and configuration.

  • Automations in the management of the environment.

  • Proof of operations testing.

  • Training of the IT administrators of the client.